The 1-Page Marketing Plan by Allan Dib: Book Review

When you have no idea how to grow your business through marketing, Allan Dib presents a significant lesson and learning tool in his latest book The 1-Page Marketing Plan: Get New Customers, Make More Money, and Stand Out from the Crowd.

While the title might suggest that you only need one page to make it work, that one page involves a serious amount of research and thought. It might sound like a “Fix Your Business Quick” type of book, but it is far from it. The book is a quick read, but the realistic steps he shares will take business owners time to implement.

Dib lays out his credentials early in the book; he is a man who understands that marketing properly makes small business owners a lot of money. He shares his failures of using a typical business plan and discusses how wealthy business owners manage to use leverage to marketing so they have more time for themselves rather than for their businesses. He discusses what marketing really is and how the techniques used in large corporation are very different from those small businesses should use. Dib shares anecdotes and aphorisms along with real ideas to get business owners focused on the right ways to avoid failure.

The point of Dib’s book is his 1-Page Marketing Plan and when you purchase the book, you get an interactive copy of it to download. The marketing plan takes up only one page, but it includes nine distinct steps broken up into three phases. Dib references the fact that “Most great plays, movies, and books are split into a three-act structure and so too is good marketing.” He spends the rest of the book breaking down each section in the before, during, and after phases.

Prior to his in-depth analysis of each step, he previews the process of completing that step. One of the common themes throughout each step is the idea of specialization. For example, a beauty salon that offers a wide range of services can create advertisements that target a specialized audience, like women who have just given birth and would benefit from cellulite treatments. By marketing to a specialized audience, that audience pays attention and knows what to respond to – especially is the advertisement is perfectly placed, like a local magazine designed for new mothers.

Dib provides more than just the one-page marketing plan. He provides ways to decide on ideal markets and specialized segments. He shares ways to guarantee that business owners are actually doing what they love. He shares questions that business owners should answer and ideas to help business owners use their answers to their benefit. Dib also shares what not to do based on his experiences with business owners who did not heed his advice from his many years of coaching.

The book is also filled with terminology that helps readers understand exactly what marketing entails. He discusses how to write good copy for online marketing. Readers are given access to an area of his website that includes the best titles ever written for website and business marketing. He tackles the latest trends in SEO, blogging, and Google AdWords.

But, he doesn’t just deal with technology and business terms. Dib also talks about the psychology of marketing and how it affects customers and their behaviors. He addresses fear, greed, guilt, and the amygdala. It is clear that Dib believes that knowledge is power when it comes to business owners and their need for real marketing that works.

The book is loaded with information about finding customers, nurturing the relationships with them, and getting them to trust you so they continue buying. He also shares how to build a business that you can one day sell for an actual profit. He includes color charts and graphs, bulleted lists, links to videos, and helpful photographs in all three of the major phases. It is clear that Dib practices what he preaches.

The book is specialized for small business owners who are in need of a real fix so they can make more money. It includes feasible steps that business owners can use to improve their marketing strategies.

Whether business owners provide a service or a product, this book will help them find and retain new customers. It applies to online businesses and those that use brick-and-mortar buildings. This little treasure is worth every penny, especially if you can use it to find new customers and get them to buy what you are selling.