About Guerrilla PR the Book

The world’s most widely used and seminal introduction to public relations—now fully revised and updated for the 21st century with online strategies that work


Every Fortune 500 corporation, movie star, and scandal queen knows that a good publicist is essential to building success and maintaining public support. But if you’re a small business owner, an entrepreneur, or an undercapitalized beginner seeking an edge in a highly competitive arena, it’s unlikely that you have your own high-powered publicist.

Guerrilla P.R. is the best-selling business book by Hollywood publicist Michael Levine. Regardless if you are new to public relations or a seasoned veteran, Michael takes you through the field of P.R. like no one else. He offers a unique look at the workings of how publicity really works. Levine is a classic storyteller and brings public relations to life while include all the advice you need to know to tackle the world of public relations. By using the guerrilla techniques taught in the book, Levine shows you how to gain publicity while spending little or no money.

Guerrilla P.R. is a must-read for anyone in marketing or public relations. Over its 20+ years in existence, it has been updated for the digital age and is used as a textbook in many colleges and universities.

guerrilla-pr-20Guerrilla P.R. 2.0: Wage an Effective Publicity Campaign without Going Broke (2008)



Guerrilla P.R. 2.0 offers all the resources necessary to mount your own campaign and get the media exposure you need. In clear and concise language, Michael Levine, one of the top public relations counselors in the country, reveals the same procedures he uses every day to get press on major stars—and how those strategies can be utilized on little or no budget. You’ll learn how to think like a publicist and map out the perfect strategy for success.


guerrilla-pr-wired-book-coverGuerrilla PR Wired : Waging a Successful Publicity Campaign Online, Offline, and Everywhere In Between (2003)



Nearly a decade after it first hit bookstands, Michael Levine’s Guerrilla PR remains one of the industry’s bestselling, best-reviewed, and most valuable how-tos for garnering low-or no-cost publicity. Now, Guerrilla PR Wired updates Levine’s attention-getting strategies for today’s globally wired environment.



guerrilla-pr-original-bookGuerrilla P.R.: How You Can Wage an Effective Publicity Campaign…Without Going Broke (1993) (Reprinted for Kindle 2009)



Guerrila P.R. is the original manifesto for waging a street-smart publicity campaign with no- or low-cost strategies. Originally published in 1994, the book is currently available in e-Book format.